Ocracoke Island on the Outer Banks

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Silver Lake On Ocracoke

Silver Lake On Ocracoke

Ocracoke Island, a part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, is located on the southern most part of Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Ocracoke is a popular summer vacation spot for visitors of all ages. The island is 15 miles long and the entire oceanfront remains in a natural setting, offering unspoiled beaches, a rich history, and a chance to get away from it all. The village of Ocracoke is at the southern end of the island with a year round population of approximately 800 residents. In the past, fishing was the number one industry on Ocracoke, but that has now been surpassed by the tourist trade. Since there are no bridges to Ocracoke, it can only be reached by air or by water. There are state owned and operated ferries at each end of the island.

Springer's Point On Ocracoke Near Teach's Hole

Springer’s Point

Blackbeard, alias Edward Teach, made Ocracoke Island his hideout and on November 22, 1718 was killed in battle near Ocracoke Inlet. The waters offshore of Springer’s Point, where Blackbeard anchored his sloop Adventure, is still called Teach’s Hole. There is a legend that Ocracoke got its name when Blackbeard, anxious for the battle to begin, cried: “O Crow Cock, O Crow Cock! “ pleading with the rooster on board to announce the light of day.