Queen Anne’s Revenge – Blackbeard’s Flagship

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Documents indicate that the vessel was originally named Concord. The vessel was built by Britain in 1710, but captured by the French a year later and renamed La Concorde. According to French sources the ship was about 104 feet long and had a tonnage or carrying capacity of over 300 tons. Following some modifications, she was utilized as a merchantman and eventually sold to Spain. A few years later she was returned to France and was refitted as a slave ship. It was during her initial voyage from the west African coast that she was captured off the island of St. Vincent on November 28, 1717 by the pirate Benjamin Hornigold. Hornigold turned the ship over to Blackbeard and made him captain. Blackbeard converted La Concorde into his flagship, adding 20 guns and renaming her the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

In 1996 Intersaul Inc. discovered the remains of an old ship wreck two miles off Beaufort Inlet N.C. that they believe to be the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Over the past twenty years, thousands of artifacts have been recovered. These items include medical and navigational instruments, ship parts and equipment, onion bottles and personal effects as well as large items such as anchors and cannons. Although no edged weapons have been discovered, a whetstone and a quarter section of a millstone were recovered. Historical accounts refer to as many as 44 cannon on the ship, but as of 2012, only 13 cannons had been raised from the wreck site.

The wreck has now been officially declared by the state of North Carolina to be the remains of the Queen Anne’s Revenge.